Tranquility Diffuser Oil


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Tranquility Diffuser Oil

Our tranquility blend has a warm, rich, resinous aroma, with qualities to calm the mind, bring tranquility, grounding while supporting reflection and introspection.

Fill, Refill and reuse your diffuser with our favorite Tranquility Diffuser Oil.

8oz of long lasting, concentrated oil will transform any space with our refreshing Aromatherapy.

Tranquility Aromatherapy includes:
– Sweet Almond Crrier Oil – which has a soothing scent, can help in reducing feelings of stress.
– Frankincense Essential Oil – has a rich woody, earthy scent with a deeply mysterious nuance.
– Orange Essential Oil – is fresh, fruity, and very similar to the fruit’s peel.
– Cedarwood Essential Oil – aroma is mild, dry, light and fresh, with resinous, balsamic and earthy notes.
– Myrrh Essential Oil – is spicy, somewhat balsamic, and sharp with a medicinal note.

For use in Reed Diffuser Jars only.
Do not use directly on skin.

Size: 8oz