Easy Breathy Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil


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Easy Breathy Aromatherpy Diffuser Oil will help open your airways, to provide temporary relief and reduce feelings of stress.
Fill, Refill and reuse your diffuser with our favorite Easy Breathy Diffuser Oil.
8oz of long lasting, concentrated oil will transform any space with our refreshing Aromatherapy.

Easy Breathy Aromatherapy includes:
– Sweet Almond Oil – which has a soothing scent, can help in reducing feelings of stress
– Camphor Essential Oils – aid in managing nose blocks and treats congestion
– Rosemary Essential Oils – relieves throat congestion from allergies, colds, or the flu
– Eucalyptus Essential Oils – helps loosen phlegm

For use in Reed Diffuser Bottles only.
Do not use directly on skin.

Size: 8oz