Essential Oils

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

It takes a lot of time and material to distill all the benefits into therapeutic grade oils, but the end results are certainly worth it. Our oils are sourced specifically for their therapeutic benefits, so they have the high levels of purity and quality required to deliver incredible results.

On top of being 100% pure, you’ll also find a wide range of oils that are certified organic.

Organic Essential Oils
Our certified organic essential oils have all been sourced from partners who maintain the strict standards required to protect the environment and deliver products that can make you feel great, in more ways than one.

What Makes Essential Oils Organic?
Organic Essential Oils cannot use synthetic substances or ingredients, certain pesticides/herbicides, or non-organic fertilizers. They cannot come into contact with ionizing radiation, sewage sludge, and additives that are known to be potentially harmful. The producer cannot use any GMO seeds or any ingredients containing GMOs. Even the ground on which these plants are grown must meet certain conditions.

Many of our pure, therapeutic essential oils are certified organic. Our suppliers are committed to organic production because it helps care for the soil, reduces groundwater pollution, and contributes to biodiversity.

Take a look at our selection of Essential Oils and their benefits.

Showing 1–12 of 32 results

Showing 1–12 of 32 results