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Episode 33: Birth Support and Postpartum Wellness for Moms with Megan Prichard 

In this episode, Megan Prichard provides deep insights into the profound honor she feels in assisting women through childbirth and the critical support needed during the postpartum period. She shares valuable advice for massage therapists on assessing conditions like diastasis recti, and offering relief for breastfeeding-related strain. 

Megan also delves into the importance of addressing taboo subjects in women’s health and her unique approach to holistic care, which combines somatic work, myofascial release, and trauma-focused therapy. We explore the concept of rebirth sessions for mothers and babies, a delicate process aimed at physical and emotional healing. 

Join us as we discuss Megan’s journey from registered nurse to midwife, and the pivotal role of creating safe spaces for women to heal and thrive. This episode is a serious and heartfelt exploration of the physical and emotional complexities of childbirth and postpartum care, providing essential knowledge and empathy for both practitioners and mothers alike. 

In this episode, Julie and Megan discuss: 

  • The Joy of Midwifery 
  • Advice for Massage Therapy Professionals 
  • Techniques for Postpartum Care 
  • Training and Certification in Midwifery 


05:34 Naturopath specializes in pelvic organ prolapse treatment. 

06:49 Pelvic health professional uses trauma-informed approach. 

09:52 Gentle, empowering touch helps reconnect with body. 

17:45 Practicing midwife aims to support women. 

20:18 Supporting women through bodywork is a gift. 

25:49 Relief through arm mobility and different positions. 

28:21 Gratitude for support and self-acceptance after childbirth. 

30:27 Breast massage can offer relief and comfort. 

34:50 Prenatal care includes work with mother first. 

36:34 Family support during difficult times is crucial. 

About Megan Prichard, RN, Master Level Bodyworker, Midwife

Megan Prichard is a dedicated healthcare professional with a holistic approach. With 15 years of experience in the field, Megan has been instrumental in bringing a comprehensive perspective to healthcare. Beginning her career as a Registered Nurse in 2008, Megan specialized in caring for newborns and pediatric patients. However, after the birth of her first son in 2012, she felt a strong calling towards birth work. This led her to dive deeper into natural health modalities, recognizing their significant impact on healthcare. Motivated by her passion, Megan pursued further studies and became a Certified Professional Midwife. Currently, Megan serves birthing families in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma as a practicing midwife. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and expertise, she provides compassionate care and support throughout the entire birthing process. In her quest to enhance her ability to aid women and families, Megan recognized the importance of incorporating bodywork into her practice. As a therapist at Ke Kino, she specializes in pre & post pregnancy, bodywork for mothers and babies, and intrapelvic attunement along with women’s and family care. Intrapelvic attunement involves the utilization of gentle internal bodywork techniques to align the pelvic floor, both physically and energetically. This approach is available to women in all stages of life, providing them with a safe and sacred healing experience. Megan is commitment to holistic healthcare, coupled with her dedication to helping others, sets her apart in her field. By integrating her expertise in midwifery, bodywork, and natural health modalities, she strives to empower women and families to achieve optimal wellness and to birth with power through a myriad of techniques such as: 

● Midwifery 
● Pre and Post Pregnancy Care 
● Pediatric Bodywork 
● Intrapelvic Attunement 

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