Proluxe Convertible


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Proluxe Convertible
Change table height during treatments without disturbing your client
16″ electrically adjustable height range! Actual height depends on your portable table’s padding thickness. ProLuxe Convertible frame goes from 15″ – 32.5″.
Use the wooden portable table you already have – The ProLuxe Convertible works with portable tables that can be laid flat and will fit portable tables 27″ to 33″ wide, 72″ to 75″ long
Converts in less than a minute
Foot Control (standard), Hand Control or Extra Foot Control (optional)
Width: 29″*
Length: 66″*
Height Range: 15″ – 32.5″*
Weight Capacity: Lifting Capacity is 550 lbs. Working Weight is defined by the table that is mounted to the unit.
Weight: 115 lbs.*
* * Please note this product is sold without a portable table mounted to it. Specifications are dependent on your portable table when mounted to the ProLuxe Convertible frame.