MM-600 Vacuum Cupping Therapy Machine


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MM-600 Vacuum Cupping Therapy Machine with Online Course

The very portable MM-600 VacuTherapy Machine includes hoses, filters, metal roller-ball cups, and 24 thick polycarbonate cups in a wide variety of sizes. This machine also includes a comprehensive online course that introduces students to the modern style of MediCupping VacuTherapy. The space-saving design features a digital display for simple mode and timer control. This mighty little machine produces great suction and delivers reliable performance.

When ACE introduced the MM-600 in 2018, the response we heard from our practitioners about this fun little machine was fantastic. Practitioners loved how small and lightweight the design was, as it allowed the machine to be very portable. Practitioners also loved how simple the machine was to operate. The digital screen made controlling the machine a breeze.

In 2020, we took this popular machine to a whole new level. We’ve been working directly with our manufacturer to simplify and improve the design with ACE-exclusive features and software that you won’t find anywhere else. The on-screen software is now even easier to use. We’ve removed the bifurcated hose clamps from the kit since we now include 2 bifurcated hoses and 2 straight hoses with the machine. Hose clamps are still available separately. We’ve upgraded the 3 roller-ball cups that are included as well. These new roller-ball cups are much easier to clean and sanitize, which means that they can be reused like your other cups. Best of all, this machine now includes an on-screen vacuum pressure gauge that allows for much easier pressure control and monitoring.

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How to Use Your MM-600 Vacuum Cupping Therapy Machine

This mighty little machine produces great suction, with a straight vacuum mode and five pumping modes. The very portable MM-600 comes with 24 thick plastic cups in a wide variety of sizes from very large to small, as well as 4 hoses with tips that will fit many other commercially available cups. The space-saving design features a digital display for simple mode and timer control, and a manual knob to control suction volume. Your purchase includes a comprehensive online course that introduces you to the modern art of MediCupping therapy.

A final exam and certification is available for purchase separately at a cost of $40 dollars once you’ve completed the included online course. Successfully completing the exam grants students 12 NCBTMB distance learning CEUs.

Included in MM-600 Kit:
MM-600 VacuTherapy Machine
24 thick polycarbonate cups
3 metal roller-ball cups
1 small-tipped bifurcated hose
1 large-tipped bifurcated hose
1 small-tipped straight hose
1 large-tipped straight hose

MediCupping – Home Study online course (exam sold separately)
Includes two training videos with a total run-time of 166 minutes
Students keep the course forever, even after it’s completed
Final exam w/ certification may be purchased separately at a cost of $40. Completing the exam earns students 12 NCBTMB CEUs
Course CEUs are accepted by all NCBTMB states except Mississippi

MM-600 Specifications:
Length: 8.66 in (22 cm)
Width: 6.69 in (17 cm)
Height: 4.72 in (12 cm)
Vacuum pressure range: 40 cmhg – 70 cmhg
Volume: <70dB (30cm away)
Voltage: 110v or 220v (set at factory, not changeable)
Warranty: 12 months
Weight: 10.14 lbs (4.60 kg)

If you are new to vacuum therapies, please understand that the online course is a great foundation to get started with safe and effective techniques. Come to a live class to really hone your skills! If you start with a live class, the online course provides 3.5 hours of reference material to support your education and practice.

In addition to the equipment, this product includes a coupon for an online training course that may be redeemed at our online education site, ACE Institute Online. This course takes students through a comprehensive set of lessons and training videos that explore the art of MediCupping therapy.