MHP Triangular Basalt Trigger Point




Master® Triangular Basalt Hot Stone Trigger Point Tool

Our Triangular shape pressure point stone is a deep tissue massage tool ergonomically designed to protect practitioners from occupational injuries. It allows therapists more focused deeper work with less physical effort. Basalt is excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use. We use natural Black Basalt rock as the only material, all stones were shaped and polished by traditional handcraft, no wax, dyestuff, chemicals were applied during the production. The Triangular shape pressure point stone is particularly efficient on the body where certain muscles are particularly tense.

– A new deep tissue massage tool
– Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and over-use injuries in practitioners’ hands
– Extends the careers of massage therapists by avoiding direct use of the thumb and uneven;
– Popularly used to apply pressure to muscles, releasing tension.
– Excellent for holding heat for long periods of time
– Rich with iron and magnesium.
– Shaped and polished by traditional handcraft, no wax, dyestuff, chemicals were applied.
– 100% Natural Black Basalt has No Wax, No Dyestuff, No Chemicals, No Radiation.

– 2 Triangular Trigger Point Stones (5″ x 1.8″ x 1.2″)
Please Note: Stone dimesnsions are approximate and may vary.

Benefits and Effects of Hot & Warm Stone Therapy:
– Increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood for optimum body function.
– Vaso-dilation of blood vessels causing an increase in blood flow around the body.
– Providing important energies to keep the body functioning efficiently.
– Increase the pulse, therefore the heart pumps faster.
– Increases cell metabolism, thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.
– Increase lymphatic function, thereby increasing detoxification, and increasing cleansing and elimination.
– Creates a feeling of balance and harmony.
– Gives the client a deeper sense of relaxation more quickly.
– Less tiring for the therapist.

What is Basalt?
Basalt Rock is originally found deep within a volcano where it remains for hundreds of million years, gaining all of its natural properties. As the volcano erupts through the earth mantle, the Basalt Rock is formed through the lava as it cools rapidly on the earth’s surface. This grey-black and fairly lightweight stone has pores on its surface that become smaller and denser towards the centre and a find-grained, crystalline texture. All basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which make this stone very effective in massage treatments after being polished, boosting circulation, and relaxation and massage treatments effectiveness.

How are These Stones Produced?
The stones have been processed from the organic grey stone plate, during which it has been cut, shaped and sanded to perfection. Each stone has been made by hand with extensive days spent caring and polishing for each stone, ensuring the high quality polished finish and deep natural coloring.