Massage Table Basic Package


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Massage Table Basic Package
Available in Multiple Colors: Clay, Coal, Orchard, Sage, Opal, Ruby
The CableLock system uses stronger cables than anyone else, designed not to stretch or fail even under the heaviest loads.
Support Structure – Engineered Leg extension system-designed to need only one knob instead of two and offer more strength than any other on the market.
Understructure – This IntegraHinge design offers incredible strength and light weight that no piano hinge can match. Squeak-free and rigid.
Handles are reinforced, padded and T-nutted to the frame for added durability.
UniLock system – Super quick, easy to use system folds out of the way for shiatsu and won’t rip your sheets.
Our 3″ Plush, multi-layer American Made Polyurethane foam is luxurious and doesn’t break down.
ONE Table Basic Package
QuickLock Face Rest Frame
AeroCel Face Rest
Arm Hammock
Width: 29″ or 31″
Length: 73 in.
Height Range: 24 in. – 34 in.
Foam: Plush, 3″, multi-layer American Made Polyurethane foam
Fabric: Premium, PVC free TerraTouch™ Medical Grade Fabric is ISO 10993 Certified (Heron, Coal, Ruby, Bluegrass, Sage, Orchid, Clay, Opal)
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
Weight: 32-34 lbs.
Includes a Quicklock platform with Aero-cel Facerest Crescent
Includes an Oakworks Arm Hammock.