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Our whimsical, playfully quaint, fanciful frogs are especially appealing and amusing but it’s the benefits of spearmint that give our frog soaps their magic!

Spearmint soap may just be the best natural soap bar for waking yourself up in the morning due to the revitalizing feeling and scent that menthol provides.  Plus, spearmint has long been a natural remedy for swelling, pain, indigestion, and more.

The Spearmint Essential Oil used in our Frog Soap can relieve skin irritations such as itchiness, insect bites, and skin condition such as Athlete’s Foot.

Each Frog Soap (5 to 6 ounces each) is made with a base of all vegetable oils (coconut, palm, and canola oils, as well as five moisturizing oils — apricot, avocado, argon, grapeseed and olive) because the body can absorb these more easily, and they benefit the skin in many ways.  Organic Essential Oils are then blended into each bar to give it just the right layering and depth of fragrance that you will enjoy until the very last bit.

Enjoy our soaps as they elevate your bathing experience with refreshing fragrance and a rich, luscious lather that rinses away cleanly from you and your bath, shower, or sink.