Easy Breathy Roll-on Armoatherapy


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HEADACHE RELIEF with Easy Breathy Aromatherapy
Roll-on across your forehead, temples and the back of your neck, bottom of your feet.
Relief may soon be yours.
Give it a try!

Handcrafted Therapy Easy Breathy Aromatherapy essential oils help open your airways, to provide temporary relief.

Easy Breathy Aromatherapy includes:
Grapeseed Oil – used as a carrier oil for diluting our essential oils in Easy Breathy Aromatherapy.
***Because Essential oils should never be applied directly to your skin.***
– Camphor Essential Oils – aid in managing nose blocks and treats congestion
– Rosemary Essential Oils – relieves throat congestion from allergies, colds, or the flu
– Eucalyptus Essential Oils – helps loosen phlegm

Add a few drops into a diffuser, a pot of hot water, or simply to a cotton ball to achieve the desired effect.

Size 10ml