Dry Brushing Body Brush


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Dry Brushing Body Brush,
Exfoliating Body Brush,
Natural Bristle Shower Brush For Body Skin,
Lymphatic Drainage,
Blood Circulation Improvement

Improve Skin Health: This natural bristle body brush gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin softer and smoother.

Boost Circulation: Dry brushing with this exfoliating body brush can help increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, promoting overall wellness.
Easy to Use: The long handle of this shower brush makes it easy to reach all areas of your body, including your back and feet.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Made with natural bristles and a bamboo handle, this body brush is a great choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.
Versatile: Use this body brush in the shower or before bathing to help remove toxins and improve skin texture.

Size: 4.75″ x 2.75″ x 2.0″