Ayurvedic Head Massage Book


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Ayurvedic Head Massage – For Beginners –
A Practice for Overall Health and Wellness

Relieves Headaches, Soothes Migraines, Helps Insomnia, Reduces Stress, Eases Muscle Tension, Instant Comfort for Neck and Shoulders.

A beginner’s guide to achieving authentic beauty, rejuvenation, and stress-relief through an Ayurvedic Eastern massage technique anyone can do.

With fun, modern illustrations and an intuitive organization, this easy guide to Ayurvedic head massage introduces a powerful and simple form of self-care for a new generation of wellness seekers.

Hillary Arrieta is a holistic wellness expert, industry educator, and small business owner located in Dallas, Texas. With nearly two decades of experience in massage therapy, aromatherapy, Wester herbalism, yoga, and meditation, she specializes in Ayurvedic spa treatments and barefoot massage. When she’s not working with clients, she teaches massage and yoga/meditation, participates on local massage education advisory boards, and writes for various publications on related topics of expertise.

For more information, visit www.hillaryarrieta.com