April 29-30, Mon-Tues – Craniosacral Therapy with Marni Matyus, Ke Kino Massage Academy




Craniosacral Therapy with Marni Matyus, Ke Kino Massage Academy

April 29-30 | 10am-5pm | $400

Description: Introduction to Cranio-Sacral Therapy (2 day class) 

Marni Matyus with Ke Kino Institute of healing will be teaching techniques that you can implement immediately into your practice as you develop the subtle palpation skills necessary to take this work to the next level
Marni teaches how to access the body at multiple levels with mindful, strategic, yet gentle touch. We find that by staying under the threshold of pain, the client feels profoundly safe,  and we are able to access structures, energy, and emotions that more forceful work often misses.
This class will be focused on learning to feel the cranial rhythm, inducing a still point, releasing  diaphragms,  palpating and encouraging optimal movement of the major cranial bones.
Marni has been teaching CEU courses for over a decade and currently mentors new graduates at Ke Kino.
Cranio Sacral Therapy is one of the basic skills necessary, not only to become proficient in working with the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, but also learning to listen to the inner physician and unwind the body in the way that the client’s  inner wisdom dictates.
As we work with the 5 diaphragms (horizontal bands of fascia), the profound effect of full body  cranio-sacral therapy begins to become apparent.
We may only use 5 grams of pressure, but we are feeling deep into the body and releasing fascia with focused intent. This often opens the door to full body unwinding and somato-emotional releases.
Please contact us if you have questions about this class offering at info@handcraftedtherapy.com or contact Marni at marni.kekino@gmail.com.