Very Large Back Wrap – Black




Very Large Back Wrap

HOT & COLD BACK WRAP- Heat therapy back and shoulder wrap delivers soothing long lasting deep penetrating hot or cold weighted therapy. Soothing healing comes from the heat emanating from the mix of herbs, including lavender, rosemary and clove.
RELIEVE STRESS AND PAIN – The heated back wrap heats in the microwave in minutes or chill in freezer for cold therapy. This weighted heated back wrap is perfect for specific pain, or for just relaxing and relieving stress or anxiety.
ALL-NATURAL filling – 100% Natural lavender, clove, rosemary herbals and flax seed.

Heat on a clean plate and in the microwave for 1-2.5 minutes, (we suggest flipping it after a minute) then carefully check the temperature, if it needs to be warmer than go another 30 seconds.
Approximate Size: 25″x11″
Approximate Weight: 4 lbs
Made local in the USA exclusively for Handcrafted Therapy.
A Handcrafted Therapy original design.

Our Product is made of Bamboo Sustainable Fabric.
Bamboo is an incredibly renewable and versatile crop. Although it’s tough like wood, it’s actually a type of grass and grows rapidly. The crop requires very little water, fertilizer, or pesticides to grow. Plus, bamboo sequesters a large amount of carbon dioxide, absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and 35% more oxygen into the air compared to similar plants.